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My Current Work In Progress

Photograph of Montreal looking North from the Old Port Tower.

I decided to post a little update about what’s been going on for me on this side of the globe for the past couple of months. Usually, I’d rather talk about finished projects but I’ve been working on a few things that are taking a very long time to come to fruition. I figured this post could also be a nice little recap of the beginnings I’ve experienced in 2023 because, let’s face it, the beginnings of things are oftentimes the most beautiful things! So here we go!




PhD Thesis

I’ve landed on my thesis topic and I’ll be starting the writing process of the first chapter in January 2024. The next step for me is to write the first chapter and present it to a jury in Summer 2024. Once I pass my doctoral exam (writing the chapter + presenting it), I’ll be able to keep writing the whole thesis. You can find the summary of my thesis project here.


So far I have three papers in the works.

  1. A paper I’ve written about heroism as a perceptual response rather than a political response to the problem of freedom in Merleau-Ponty’s work. I’m almost finished writing it and I’ll be sending it to philosophy journals in early 2024.
  2. A paper presenting Merleau-Ponty’s phenomenology of perception as a conceptual framework for understanding modern cases of spontaneous heroism. This paper is almost finished as well and I’ll be submitting it in early 2024 too.
  3. I’m currently writing a paper on phenomenology of perception as a conceptual framework better suited for explaining what romantic love is as opposed to other theories of romantic love because of the lack of inclusivity for experiences of love from people living with psychopathologies and neurological issues. I’ve presented this paper in San Francisco this year (for the Society for Philosophy of Love and Sex session at the APA Pacific Meeting) and I received some great feedback that re-oriented the focus of my paper. I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish writing it later this year.

Online Teaching

Last June I decided to explore the vast and obscure field of online teaching with respect to philosophy. I’ve been looking for ways in which I could offer ways to explore critical thinking for a larger audience. It came mostly as an observation that there is a lot of people on the Internet looking for tips and resources about how to read philosophy. But it also came from my own opinion that there’s a critical (ha) lack of autonomous thinking in society. I was really struck by my experience as a teaching assistant for an online course on critical thinking at Concordia because of how well this course was presented to students (as well as the great textbook we used: Thinking in a Blurry World by Tim Kenyon). I really enjoyed the idea of using an online platform to build up exercises and ways for people to practice their skills.

So I created learn-philosophy.com. As you can see, there’s not much yet – might as well say it’s empty! I started this project as an online tutoring service in order to help strangers and students as well as to make a bit of money on the side for my studies. A PhD is expensive and I was eager to monetize my skills. But I’m working on expanding this to a free platform with useful resources for learning philosophy as well as critical thinking in general. Using Matthew Van Cleave’s free and editable textbook called “Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking”, I’m exploring the ways in which it’s possible to build interactive quizzes, exercises and questionnaires for students to practice what they learn as they’d be reading the textbook. I’m also planning on putting up my own stuff, course notes, my own syllabus and reading lists, and other tools I’ve acquired and developed throughout my experience. This is my sandbox for teaching philosophy.

I’m doing the same in French too: philosophez.com. For this one I’m focusing more specifically on CEGEP and Lycée students in Quebec and France, as well as orienting it towards resources and teaching techniques I’ve developed throughout my time working in pre-university schools.

Online Journal

I started an online journal called traumareview.org. All the details of the journal are there. It’s in a very early stage yet, but if you’re interested feel free to contribute in any way you want! Send me an email about that 🙂 .

These are all the main projects I have so far. Of course, there’s been many more things happening in my philosophy life! I presented a paper in San Francisco last April, I became a research fellow at the GRIN, I contributed as an editor and reviewer for the Oxford Public Philosophy Journal, I attended a seminar on Frantz Fanon at McGill University as a visiting graduate student, and I fulfilled many teaching duties throughout the year.

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